10 game ideas that will do your dog good

How can I make a dog game at home?

10 game ideas that will do your dog good

The game is a great way to encourage your dog to exert himself physically but also to stimulate him mentally. In addition, this shared activity strengthens the bond between the animal and its master and helps to fight against boredom and overweight.

Playing regularly with your dog is therefore good for his morale while allowing him to develop his intelligence and obedience: what more could you ask for?!

What is a good game for a dog?
What is a good game for a dog?

Discover ten-game ideas that will be beneficial for your four-legged friend!

Sports games

These activities are rather to be practiced outdoors, they are an opportunity to exercise your dog as well as yourself and to clear your head for both of you! Among the most popular is the agility to practice in a club (or at home if you have a garden and the necessary equipment) and treasure hunts. These games require some training and represent an investment of time, they are also considered real canine sports. We are therefore not going to expand on these and offer you games to play easily at home and during your outings.

Hide and seek

Yes, this famous game so popular with children can also please your dog! With a treat or his favorite toy, go hide and let him look at you first. Then, let him come to you or lure him in by encouraging him in your voice. Choose a hiding place further and further away and remain silent once your dog understands. At first, it can be useful to ask a third person to distract him while you go to hide. If you are alone, this will also be an opportunity to work on “not moving” in a fun and entertaining way.

The treasure hunt

On the principle of hiding and seeking, you can also hide a treat or an object out of sight of your dog. Then with the “seek” signal, ask him to find out where he is. Start with a stimulating object (his favorite toy, his blanket…) before varying the objects if you wish. This game is a good opportunity to teach him patience and perseverance, and why not teach him the names of several objects by increasing the difficulty little by little!

Play frisbee with your dog

Ball gold frisbee

We no longer need to present these games which are particularly successful with dogs that like to fetch like the Labrador or the retriever… But not only that: by using their favorite ball, you can make any doggie want to run! Still, others will be more fond of a stick found during the walk. This form of play also helps develop obedience by practicing several commands such as “sit”, “wait”, “fetch”, etc. For the more athletic, the Frisbee is another alternative because it can be thrown far and allows the dog to exercise physically.

The treasure hunt

If tracking is often practiced in a club, nothing prevents you from exercising your dog alone in a park for example. Use a long leash and bring a toy or treat. Have him sit down, asking him to remain still, before stepping back about ten meters, holding the object at ground level. Then leave it clearly on the ground and retrace your steps. Then tell your dog to go up the track to get the reward, with the order of your choice.

Once the exercise has started, you must always use the same order and the same procedure. Encourage him to sniff the ground to get back to the object and praise him when he finds it. When he has fully understood the principle, gradually increase the distance and vary the directions and routes: first in a straight line, then in a curve, etc. You can also use different baits.

The “fetch”

You can practice this variation of the fetch game at home, teaching your dog to bring you his favorite toy. The goal is first for him to take it in his mouth to bring it back: show him the object and say “fetch” when he touches it. Systematize the exercise by repeating it until he has completely understood: the objective is for him to grab the toy each time. Once you reach this stage, you can start dropping the toy or dragging it a bit further on the floor, always saying “fetch” and reward as soon as it brings it back to you.

Obedience games

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to promote obedience while providing a fun activity. There is no shortage of ideas, from the most basic to the most sophisticated: sitting down, lying down, playing dead, giving your paws, pretending to be beautiful… Armed with treats and patience, you will develop your memory and be able to carry out educational sessions. positive using a clicker.

Thinking games

Thinking games stimulate your dog intellectually by pushing him to solve problems. Specially designed for this, there are many commercially available variants, varying in difficulty and shape. Most commonly made of wood, they encourage the dog to perform a sequence of movements in a combination to obtain a hidden treat, usually by pushing platforms or buttons using the paw or muzzle.

Rrhythmic obedience

This demanding practice consists of developing choreographies with your dog! More generally practiced as a real canine sport, you can also consider training at home. As it requires a lot of work and discipline, it is best to start with the help of a dog trainer, but you can also find many tips and tutorials on the Internet.


You didn’t think of it, but running alongside you can be a real game for your dog and much more than just physical exercise! If you are a jogger or cyclist, you can try the experiment by starting of course with short distances that you will gradually lengthen. You can set up rules on this occasion: he must not overtake you, stop precisely, respond to direction and speed orders, stop before crossing… Thus practiced, the race of Endurance with your dog will improve his obedience and physical condition.

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