12 Heroic Animals That Saved People’s Lives

12 Heroic Animals that saved peoples lives

When you decide to have a pet you need to read this before. In this article we will present you 12 heroic animals that saved people’s lives in many ways.

1. Willie the parrot

Willie saved the life of a baby by yelling “Mama, baby” and flapping its wings, when the toddler began to choke after the breakfast. The owner of the parrot came back fast and performed the Hemlich method and in this way she saved the girls life.

2. Killian

Killian is a dog that saved a baby from the baby sitter. Nanny was physically and verbally abuse the 7-month old kid of a family. One day, when the family entered the house, their dog was defending the baby from the baby sitter and the family started to worry about it. After they discovered the problem, they called the police.

3. Ning Nong, the elephant

Ning Nong is an elephant from Phuket, Thailand, that saved a young british girl from the Tsunami in 2004.

4. Bear, the dog

Bear is a dog from US that saved a 14-month-old toddler from drowing. The baby’s mom went to the garage for 1 minute to take some gardening tools, in this time the baby dissapeared. The little baby fell into the backyard pool and Bear, the dog, reached the drowing boy first and saved his life.

5. Masha, the cat

In the winter of 2015, Masha, a cat in Russia, found and saved a 2-months-old abandoned baby. The cat did not leave the child and keeping him warm. The cat tracking his owners to the baby. After they found it, they call the authorities and the baby was saved.

6. Stray Pitbull

A women lost his kid and started to knock at neighbours doors. After hours of searching, the kid was found and the surprise is he was protected by a stray pitbull the entire time.

7. Slayer and Paco

Slayer and Paco are two pitbulls that saved a kid from being attacked by a poisonous snake. They spotted the snake around a four-year-old kid and started to barking till the children’s mother comes and took she. When they come back to check if the dogs are ok, they found them hunched over the snake.

8. Melvin, another hero cat

Melvin is a cat that saved his owners life from the fire. In the middle of the night, the house started to fire, instead of run, Melvin ran at owners head and started to Meow.

9. Theodore, an adorable pig

On a March night, the house of the owners was envolved in flames, Theodore the pig woke up the owners and saved them from the burning house.

10. Sasha

Sasha is a Pitbull which acting like a real hero when the house of the neighbours started to burn. Sasha begin to bark and woke up the owners that see their neighbours appartament was envolved in flames. They had time to save them.

11. Cooper

Cooper is a dog that find the kid of his owners after 2 hours search. The boy was found at 2 kilometers from his house with Cooper warming his body.

12. Aztlan

Aztlan the tiger saved the zookeeper from leopard attack.


I could go on and on about animals’ big contribution in human civilization. They do so many amazing and caring things which can never be appreciated enough. Some of them such as lions, tigers and bears are not as great as some of the species, but they are great nonetheless.

What do you think?

Written by Sammy


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