15 reasons why you should really adopt a pet

15 Reasons Why You Really Should Own A Dog, Why adopt a pet?

Millions of animals do not have a home and every day they wait for a magical family that loves them well.

Having a pet at home is a great responsibility, it is not only about feeding it, cleaning it, and taking it for a walk, it is also essential to train it and give it a lot of love.

If you are considering adding a member to your pack, how about adopting one? By doing so, you will not only feel immense satisfaction, but you will also help the animal to have a better life.

Studies show that dog owners are in better shape than others, have better self-esteem, and are less lonely as well as more open to others.

Here are  15  more reasons to consider adopting your next best friend.

  1. A healthier heart

Owning a dog keeps the pump in good condition as dog owners walk more than others when their pets are out. According to a study by the University of Victoria, dog owners move an average of 300 minutes, or five hours a week. Those who did not have a dog received exercise for only 168 minutes per week.

Walking lowers blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Pets are also good for people who have already been diagnosed with heart problems. Studies show that even people with severe arrhythmias live longer if they have a pet.

  1. Stroking lowers stress

Stroking a dog lowers blood pressure, helps to relax and reduces the number of stress hormones in the body.

It is not advisable to leave a dog at home if your employer allows a hairy co-worker. In workplaces where a dog is allowed to be brought, working is more efficient because tinkering with the dog reduces stress and provides energy.

  1. More social contacts

It’s easier to approach people if there’s a hairy guy at the other end of the strap. People in wheelchairs have reported that they get more eye contact and help from other people if they have a dog with them.

  1. Better controls for your own life

On average, pet owners are happier and more confident than others who do not have pets. They also visit the doctor less because of minor problems.

This is thought to be because they feel they belong to something and are important. They have the feeling that they are directing their own lives instead of just sitting on a ride. A dog buddy has also been studied to help with loneliness as much as with human contact.

  1. Less allergies and diseases

Children who have grown up in dog families have fewer allergies, ear infections and the flu. Cats also offer little protection, but studies have shown that dogs were superior in this regard.

The explanation has been suggested that dogs bring dirt and bacteria inside, which improves children’s defenses. Adults living with dogs are also healthier than others.

  1. Longer life than cat owners

Studies show that dog owners live longer than cat owners. It is thought to be because they are more active.

They also have lower cholesterol, they are more likely to survive a heart attack than others and stress does not shake them physically as much as others. A close emotional bond with the dog also helps to live a long life.

  1. Mental health in better shape

People living with dogs are less likely to be depressed. People who already suffer from depression also get help from their hair buddies. Sometimes even so much that antidepressants may have been left out altogether after the dog came into the house.

The reason is that caring for a dog provides routines, exercise, and increases the amount of the body’s hormone, oxytocin, which helps fight depression.

  1. Do a hairy guy’s buttocks make you healthier?

The University of Arizona is currently investigating whether a dog’s wet kisses can have the same effect on a human as probiotics.

Probiotics found naturally in yogurt and dairy products have been studied to help with diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and even improve mental health, among other things. The university is investigating whether bacteria derived from dog licking can boost a person’s immune system.

  1. You save a life

Many people leave their pets on the street while others deliver them to shelters or shelters. Due to the limited space in these places, in many cases, the animals are euthanized. Those who end up on the street can die of hunger, run over, abused, or sick.

  1. They keep you company

Having a pet will never make you feel lonely. With it, you can play, exercise and even use it as a torn cloth in those gray days. They are faithful companions, especially dogs.

  1. You will not support stores that sell them

Pets found in stores generally live in cages and away from human heat. In addition, their origin and whether they were responsibly raised is often unknown. When buying, the cycle of sale and closure continues.

  1. They keep you active

Spending fifteen minutes walking the dog or playing with the cat is a good way to exercise, to strengthen the bond with your pet, and, also, in the case of dogs, it exposes you to socialize with other people.

  1. You give others a chance

By adopting, you not only light up an animal’s life, but you also help free up space in a shelter, allowing you to rescue more abandoned animals.

  1. They help to distract you

Spending time with your pet can be very therapeutic, especially if you are going through an emotionally difficult time. Petting your pet will relieve you of the stress of the moment and lower your blood pressure.

  1. They give you unconditional love

Whatever happens, your pet will always be available to love you and will be the first to be happy when you get home. The love that animals provide is so pure that you just want to always have it around.

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Written by Sammy

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