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Story of American Longhair Cat Breed 

The American Longhair cat is a relatively young breed that is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and America. These animals appeared when a group of breeders wanted to create a breed that had the eyes of Persian cats and the appearance of the American Shorthair, but, everything turned out completely differently.

american longhair
American longhair

The American Longhair got a coat that’s a cross between an American Shorthair and a Persian in length, a leaner build, and basically everything. Except for the fact that some individuals do not have semi-long, but long hair, while others, due to the recessive gene responsible for the length of the coat, have short hair at all.

That is, cats of this breed are born in three variations out of three possible – long-haired, semi-long-haired, and short-haired. At first, they wanted to call the breed “Silver Longhair”, but again everything went wrong, as the breeders intended, an unimaginable number of colors and their combinations appeared, and the cats were called American Longhair.

Breeders tried to add other cats to the breeding program in order to develop the breed and give it the desired qualities. For this, British shorthairs, Burmese and Russian shorthairs were taken, although, in the end, then they still had to cross the resulting individuals with Persians to increase the length of the coat. Persian cat breeders at first showed their disapproval of the new breeding program and the appearance of a cat breed that (in their opinion) could not be called independent.

Despite this, the American Longhair cat is already registered in many international registries and is quickly winning not only the hearts of the teleological community but also the hearts of ordinary cat owners. In order for a cat to be recognized as an American Longhair, it must have a clearly traceable pedigree that includes Persians.

Description of American Longhair Cat Breed 

These cats are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affectionate and kind companion. Although they bond strongly with their owners, these animals are quite capable of being left alone at home if you leave for work. They get along well with dogs and other pets, birds can be an exception, and even then not always.

The American Longhair has a muscular build, a well-shaped wedge-shaped muzzle, and medium-sized ears. The tail is slightly longer than average, and fluffy, paws are of medium length. The average life expectancy is about 15 years or more.

The personality of the American Longhair Cat

The American Longhair is a very kind and sweet cat with a wonderful temperament. Despite the fact that they have the blood of Persian cats in their pedigree, in their temperament, they are not at all like them. These pets are strongly attached to their family, have great friendliness, and bestow their caress on each of their loved ones. They do not single out someone specifically as their master if they live in a family. However, they also feel great with a single owner, making his life more interesting.

The American longhair cat is a smart animal, it understands people well, understands their inner state and mood, it is not angry and unforgiving. But if she is harmed especially by unreasonable and unfair harm, the cat becomes more withdrawn, and timid, and begins to shun close contact with people. However, this is easy to understand – a person in the place of a cat would react in much the same way. The American Longhair is great with children, and generally not aggressive, with a good disposition to patience and gentleness.

These four-legged friends have a high energy level, but, like all cats, sometimes they just like to sleep on a soft sofa. You need to provide your pet with games, and toys, and you just need to spend time together, especially since this breed is always happy about this. This breed does not often give a voice and prefers to remain silent, although this is not an absolute rule. Gets along well with other animals.

Common diseases in American Longhair Cat Breed 

The American Longhair is a healthy breed, without any significant hereditary diseases. however, you need to monitor the nutrition and living conditions of your pet, as even the best health can be undermined.

Care of American Longhair Cat Breed 

American longhair cat with long or semi-long hair requires regular brushing, at least once or twice a week. You also need to clean the eyes of deposits daily and keep the ears clean. The nails are trimmed about once a week, the cat is bathed as needed.

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