Cocker Spaniel-her joy is infectious!!

An American Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel-her joy is infectious!!
Cocker Spaniel-her joy is infectious!!

Cocker Spaniel-her joy is infectious!!

An American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker
American Cocker

At a Glance

A Regular Gym-Goer The Life of the Party Beauty Queen


Famous Owners

U.S. Admiral Frederick Sherman (dog’s name: Admiral Wags)

actor Barry Williams (A.K.A. Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch) (dog’s name – Buffy)

U.S. President Richard Nixon (dog’s name: Checkers)

Acactressharlize Theron (dogs’ names – Delilah and Denver)

U.S. President Harry S. Truman (dog’s name: Feller)

Writer Anne Bronte (dog’s name – Flossy)

Writer Elizabeth Barret Browning (dog’s name – Flush)

musician Lance Bass of ‘Nsync (dog’s name – Lexi)

Actress Peri Gilpin (dog’s name – Nell)

Talk Show Hostess Oprah Winfrey (dogs’ names: Solomon and Sophie)

U.S. President (dog’s name: Zeke)


Cocker Spaniel Breed History

Spaniels are among the oldest types of dogs, with mentions of the Spanyell dating back as far as 1368. The first division of the spaniel group was into land and water spaniels. The land spaniels were later further divided according to size so that the “cockers” and toy spaniels were set into their own group. Further division separated the cockers from the toys because they served distinct functions—the cockers being sporting dogs and the toys being companions. Cockers arrived in America aboard the Mayflower with the pilgrims and were then bred to the unique American Cocker Spaniel we know today.


American Cocker Spaniels Today

The American Cocker Spaniel is between 14 and 15 inches tall and weighs between 24 and 28 pounds. Her coat is generally worn short on the head and back and heavily feathered through the legs, ears, and underbelly. She may be of any solid color, parti-colored (two or more colors), or have tan points. To keep her flashy appearance, you’ll need to spend some time grooming her each day. Though she still retains some natural hunting ability, her main purpose today is as a companion — a role she excels at.


Personality and the Perfect Owner

Walt Disney did an excellent job of casting the loyal and beautiful Lady from “Lady and the Tramp” as a Cocker Spaniel. The American Cocker Spaniel is indeed a superb family pet who is excellent with children and has a sweet and gentle personality. Her joy is infectious, and her constantly wagging tail is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Her small size makes her suitable for city life, but you should plan to take vigorous walks since she is as fond of physical activity as she is of your companionship.


Common health problems

Before adding an American Cocker Spaniel to your home, ask your breeder about the dog’s health history. Common American Cocker Spaniel ailments are:
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Cataracts, glaucoma · e abnormalities n conditions Ophelia Ear infections heart disease · Epilepsy

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