Everything you wanted to know about dog breeds and dog gifts!

Which dog breed is very friendly?

Everything you wanted to know about dog breeds and

dog gifts!

So many different breeds of dogs! So many different gifts for dogs and their owners! Dogs… and their owners too! They come in all shapes and sizes, big breeds and small, long-haired dogs and dogs with no hair at all! Lazy-eyed hounds, fierce watchdogs, cute little cuddly creatures that fit in your handbag, faithful and brave, spirited and lively, and all of the loveable and loved. There’s a dog breed for everyone, from a loving family to the keen outdoors type or working farmer, and so there are times when they all want gifts!


Reasons for the huge variety of dog breeds.

There are reasons for the huge variety of dog breeds. Each breed is a different type altogether. It has a different character, different strengths and weaknesses, and very definitely different life. There there’s a reason for that. Generations of breeding, by design and by accredited ve resulted in dogs of all shapes and sizes and every kind of temperament. There are dogs that herd, dogs that chase, dogs that guard and protect, and dogs that will be your trusted companion when you hunt. Often, so on. Often, such dogs became the family’s friends, and so gradually the specialized breeds of dogs we know evolved. More of that elsewhere, on another page.

Dog gifts come in an astonishing range, from leashes and dog harnesses… practical gifts that help with training…to such beautiful items as dog jewelry and dog posters. Some dogs wear coats or sweaters. Some owners give their pet pooch canine sweaters that look like their own. Even basic dog collars can be fashionable as well as functional. Dog toys can be anything from a homemade dog ball to a hi-tech, state-of-the-art toy that will keep the dog happy for hours, and in style! You can even match the toy to the type of dog.

Many breeds are prone to having specific health problems which, with knowledge and care, can be avoided or spotted and treated immediately. We’ll deal with them.

Different dog types have different play needs, and many have specific training needs. You can make your own or buy toys and training aids specially made with certain breeds in mind. And it’s not only the dog breeds that have special requirements; the owners have their own likes and dislikes too!
Our passion for dogs and working with dogs for years was the inspiration for this site. Trust us: we know dogs!

We have been constantly astonished by the likenesses we always discover between the animals and their owners. We’ll be telling you about some of these throughout the site, and if you have any stories to tell or photos to show, please do write to us.

The reason we decided to include information on dog gifts within the site is twofold. It can be hard to find specific presents for specific breeds, and we had to do a lot of research to find some presents.
And secondly, we recognize the difficulty of finding original and interesting dog gifts for particular dog breeds. But we’ve made progress, and you will benefit! We’ll let you know when we find something special!

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