Discover the Best Dog Grooming Tips From a Top Expert

How do I groom my dog like a professional?

Discover the Best Dog Grooming Tips From a Top Expert


All dogs require grooming, how frequently depends on the coat type of the dog. When you bring your new puppy home the last thing you might be thinking about is getting the grooming kit out, especially with his lovely soft puppy coat. However, introducing your dog to grooming early in his life is essential if you want a dog that will find the process of grooming tolerable – if not pleasant. At this stage of his life, it will also strengthen the bond between the puppy and the new owner.

Best Dog Grooming Tips
Best Dog Grooming Tips

Get him used to his feet and nails being held, examined, and gently squeezed, and gently open his mouth and check his mouth, teeth and gums. Lift the ear flap and look inside and lift his tail to check the anal area. As well as him being conditioned to letting you examine him regularly, these checks will ensure an easier and less stressful time at any forthcoming parlor visits or veterinary examinations.

This is particularly important for the high-maintenance breeds that require regular grooming either at home or at the grooming parlor. In addition to regular home handling it is wise to get the dog used to be placed on a table, but do ensure that grooming sessions for the younger dog are not too long or you run the risk of him becoming bored and restless.

Shorter sessions are best, and inviting other members of the family to take over will increase his confidence in being handled by different people.

Introduce him to a soft brush at an early stage, just a few strokes at a time before he becomes restless or tries to chew the brush. Reward his patience with praise or a small treat gradually increase the number of strokes you apply to the coat.

A little time in the first few weeks of your lives together will make a great difference to the way he can be handled in the future.

Keep him comfortable and support him on the table making sure that nothing loud or scary occurs. To be spooked now might affect his confidence in the future. Use the correct command “stand” and praise as necessary.

Regular grooming

Regular grooming allows you as the owner to assess the condition of your dogs’ coats through inspection.

The coat should be glossy and healthy-looking, the eyes should be bright and alert, the tail held aloft and wagging with a spring in his step. A good healthy balanced diet, the right amount of exercise and regular grooming contribute to the condition of your dog’s coat.

Choosing a particular breed of dog

Choosing a particular breed of dog suits our personalities and possibly our image. To choose a stylish dog and to keep it looking stylish a great deal of work is required on the owner’s part of a great deal of money to send him to the groomers!

When a dog has had his weekly groom or visit to the hairdressers, it makes both him and us feel good.

Madeleine Harding is a dog grooming expert who runs a successful dog grooming business in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. She trained at the renowned Brinsbury College and works with all kinds of different dog breeds. She uses her specialist skills to groom each dog according to its individual needs.

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