How long French Bulldogs live and what does it depend on?

French bulldogs are truly amazing dogs that make the owners happy, and it seems as long as the pet is active, playful, agile, and social, then everything is fine, but what if his enthusiasm goes somewhere and he is calmer and sadder? Here, it makes sense to think about how you can improve your pet’s health and prolong your life so that you can please each other for as long as possible.


  • Features
  • Average life expectancy
  • How to expand?
  • What to feed?
  • Domiciliary care


First, it is important to clarify that the French Bulldogs are small, they are not more than 30 cm high. But the weight, even if well fed, is no more than 14 pounds. Their muscles and the echo of the genetic struggle often suggest exercise. That’s why a dog is perfect for people who are used to spending a lot of time with a pet.

The nature of the dog has an affection and a willingness to protect the owner in the event of danger. Therefore, with the French bulldogs, it is not at all scary, because they are real advocates, but to make your dog always feel good and develop properly, Spend a lot of time walking and playing. This is how your dog is healthy because it lives in harmony with its body. This will not only improve your health but also extend the life of your pet.

Average life expectancy

If we remember what experts say about the life of a French bulldog, he lives an average of 9 to 12 years. But if you have a female French bulldog, life expectancy can increase to 15 years, but such a result requires proper care and maintenance.

If we talk about male French bulldogs, their lives are unfortunately a little shorter and do not exceed 12 years. However, this is not an axiom because the main reason for this time is the aggression of the male French bulldog. In other words, they often train and struggle with other dogs, getting hurt and getting sick, So there is a vicious circle: the dog is eager for activity, wants to walk and move a lot.

How to expand?

Factors in the length of stay are different, it can affect one owner, and others do not belong, according to him.

  • Owners cannot influence heredity, that is if French Bulldog disease is transmitted from their parents. However, there are many things we can still change.
  • If your dog is pregnant, be sure to monitor the entire process and help her with childbirth, preferably with a veterinarian. The birth of many puppies can have deadly consequences for the parent because a cesarean section is safer.
  • If you have noticed something wrong with your dog’s health or you know for sure that your dog is sick, don’t just allow the power of immunity to fight. There are several diseases in which it is unable to cope on its own, the dog gets a chronic form of the disease or even dies. Therefore, for the first signs of a health disorder, it is better to consult an expert immediately.

Don’t forget the action of this lovely creature. No matter how much you want to be a lazy and sweet dog at home, this does not apply to the French Bulldog. Take regular walks with your pet and make sure he keeps his weight in the normal range.

In addition to these three important decisions and considerations, there are other but equally important actions that will make your dog healthy and happy.

  • It is important to see a veterinarian not only with signs of obvious disease, and with decreased activity, but only regularly. Routine inspection is always helpful, it identifies diseases at the earliest stages. In addition, a good expert will always help with advice to improve your pet’s life.
  • Emotional component. It’s very simple – if you often saturate your dog or win it, it’s stressful for the psyche, And he, especially the chronic, often causes a shortening of life because it reduces immunity.
  • If you are not planning on breeding, it is best to sterilize the dog. In addition, it helps keep the hormonal background stable, castration also reduces aggression in male French bulldogs, But women are getting simpler: the body doesn’t take the strength and resources to carry puppies, which means the girl lives longer. And it certainly eliminates the risk of dying during childbirth.

What to feed?

You can choose for yourself exactly what your pet feeds, be it dry food or regular food that people are used to. In the case of dry food, it’s pretty simple – all you have to do is consult with your vet and choose the right diet. But with regular products, diet is important.

  • If we are talking about meat, it should not be fat, it should be given raw.
  • For digestion to work perfectly, the dog needs to be fed sour milk products, and this should be done three times a day.
  • Your dog’s body needs fiber, so boil buckwheat or rice and feed this bulldog at least once every day.
  • For a full supply of fiber and all the vitamins, let’s give your dog fresh vegetables, too, every day, but don’t forget to pour boiling water over them.
  • Fish is a very important part of a dog’s diet. Also, serve it raw, but not too often. Twice in ten days is enough. If your dog likes to eat fish, you can please him with this delicacy three times in ten days. Be sure to remove all bones before serving!
  • But eggs should be used with caution – a bulldog’s body doesn’t take in very much of the protein contained in an egg. Therefore, serve this product in single-piece quantities no more than once a week and without the yolks.

In addition, to complete the diet, the dog can eat fresh berries or fruits, but not too often – every ten days.

Now a few words about dry food. Of course, there are benefits: it saves time and shelf life. But don’t forget the rules for choosing this kind of feed, but make sure your dog’s diet is beneficial.

It is better to refrain from buying cheap feed. , because they are not only unable to meet the requirements, but also cause allergies in the animal.

Domiciliary care

It is always necessary to comb your dog in time, even if the hair is short. This should be done not only that the clothes, furniture, and the whole apartment are in order, but also that the dog does not lick his wool.

Do not use chemical shampoos often. – It does not benefit the dog’s health, so wash it once a year. When washing, be sure to use dog shampoo, and no more. At other times, use only warm water. Those places that may be overloaded with bacteria: fold on the face or tail, it is often better to clean them with antibacterial wipes. Thus, it is possible to avoid ulcers and the development of pathogenic microbes. Make sure the genitals of the dogs are not inflamed.

Check for a couple of weeks by mouth, and you should visit your dentist once a year. Eyes and ears can also be a problem. Therefore, immediately after walking, check for ticks inside the bulldog’s ears. You should take care of bulldog’s ears once a week: wipe them or rinse them with a teapot, but weak and sugar-free.

The ears must be cleaned thoroughly by heating with vegetable oil. Then wipe with hydrogen peroxide.

If the dog is older:

  • make a place to sleep softly, it helps relieve muscle swelling;
  • prescription, add vitamins and minerals to diet;
  • face the dog’s load, don’t make it run or jerk too fast;
  • do not dry the skin with a hairdryer, however, it is thinner, lubricate it better with moisturizing force;

if your dog has blisters, lubricate them with sandblasting oil.

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