International Dog Day – 26th August

Do you know that August 26 is World Dog Day?

The day seeks to pay tribute and raise awareness about the abandonment suffered every year by those considered to be man’s best friend

They are considered as a member of the family and are the favorite pet par excellence; hence they have their own day in the international calendar of special dates. And this August 26 is celebrated as world Dog day. World Dog Day, established in 2004, to pay tribute to the weight that these animals have on millions of people around the planet.

This day also aims to raise awareness about the number of dogs that are abandoned to their fate every year, especially in summer, hence this event is in August 26, although there is no definitive version about the origin of this celebration, or that they are in shelters or kennels waiting to be adopted

And since he is considered a man’s best friend, he not only has a day of his own but there are other dates in which they are also protagonists. Thus, the International Street Dog Day is celebrated on July 27, the Day of the Dog without Breed on May 28, the Working Dog Day on December 6, or the Adopted Dog Day on September 23. There is even a day for those who do not separate from their pet or go to work: June 22 is the Day to take the Dog to the Office.

Why is it celebrated on August 26? Origin and history

The dog is the animal most attached to the human being, that is why every year it is commemorated with a special day within the calendar, where we can show off and celebrate what is said to be man’s best friend

Dogs have been considered man’s best friends for countless yearsFor this reason, on August 26 a day was created since 2004 to celebrate our furry friends, this in order to raise awareness about the abandonment and adoption of this species, since, according to the WHO, there are more than 300 million dogs in the world and 70 percent of them are homeless.

Why is it said that the Dog is man’s best friend?

Throughout history, dogs have proven to be faithful creatures, complicit, and with a great feeling of attachment. For many years this belief remained an open question until in 2015 a group of Japanese scientists decided to put this popular belief to the test.

The group found that when dogs looked into their owners’ eyes, they released oxytocin, the hormone linked to the attachment. And the more they looked at them, the more oxytocin their brains released. Thus demonstrating that there is an attachment and bond between dogs and humans.

How is World Dog Day celebrated?

Some stores dedicated especially to dogs will have some promotions. And in previous years, small events were organized to interact with owners and pets, but with the pandemic this has been reduced, leaving coexistence activities for free spaces such as parks and terraces.

Phrases to dedicate to your best friend on World Dog Day

  • Happiness is not bought; it is taken out for a walk.”
  • “When a dog dies, you lose a friend, but you gain an angel.”
  • “We live in a world where dogs are better friends than people.”
  • “Our perfect companions never have less than four legs.”
  • “I don’t know the recipe for happiness, but it sure includes a dog.”
  • “Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul will be asleep.”
  • “Anyone who doesn’t know what soap tastes like has never bathed a dog.”
  • “If you pick up a hungry dog ​​from the street and make him prosperous, he won’t bite you, that’s the difference between a man and a dog.”
  • “I don’t trust anyone in my life except my mother and my dogs.”
  • “The dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than it loves itself.”

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