Should You Buy a Chihuahua?

Are Chihuahua good pets?

Should You Buy a Chihuahua?

If you watch TV, you’ve most likely seen celebrities like Paris Hilton toting around little dogs with huge, flowery brown eyes. These dogs, known as Chihuahuas, are one of the tiniest dog breeds in the world. The Chihuahua first appeared in the United Mexican States and will do well in hotter climates. Of course, a pooch sweater will make one of these tiny dogs feel warm and comfy throughout the winter months.

Is a Chihuahua a good dog to have?
Is a Chihuahua a good dog to have?

The Chihuahua weighs in as a light-weight at one to six pounds and stands at a solely concerning five inches high. These very few dogs are available in a large variety of colors, though tan, black, and tan dogs are the most common. They need prickly ears, an alert expression, and big, slightly flowery eyes. This breed has both hairy and long-haired varieties.
The Yankee Kennel Club considers Chihuahuas to be a part of the toy cluster. These dogs were bred to be companion dogs, and they surpass this task. This breed hates to be alone and thrives once it’s in the thick of things.

Chihuahuas are ideal lodging dogs since they do not take up a lot of space and don’t want a large amount of exercise. Some folks even train these very little guys to use litter boxes. This doesn’t mean that a Chihuahua won’t fancy living in an extremely large house with a yard, though. This breed enjoys physical exertion and enjoying the outdoors on hot days.

The chihuahua will generally be cold toward young children, particularly if it’s accidentally burned and has reason to be concerned about being handled by them. This breed additionally tends to be domineering and simply spoiled, particularly if the dog’s homeowners permit it to urge them away from aggressive or angry behaviors. If you’ve got other dogs, you’ll have to be compelled to make certain that your chihuahua doesn’t bully them. These dogs can decide fights with a lot of larger dogs since they sincerely believe that they need the scale and strength of a sheepdog. In fact, the Chihuahua could be a marvelous watchdog and can also fight off human intruders.

Because they need the inclination to be self targeted and disobedient, Chihuahuas ought to receive puppy obedience coaching. After all, even a little tyrant is unpleasant to be around. Puppy categories can facilitate your dog’s learning to perform t basic obedience, but they even have another vital purpose: socialization. He can learn at an early age to work together with folks and alternative dogs. Despite their size, these dogs are quite intelligent and move with obedience coaching. A number of them even require nimbleness categories.

Chihuahuas eat little, but feeding prices will still be a small amount higher since these dogs are usually meticulous eaters. Also, this breed is so delicate that some dogs have trouble consuming onerous dry food. Chihuahuas are susceptible to disjointed jaws, fractures, epilepsy, and rheumatism.

Chihuahuas with short hair need little care. Long-haired Chihuahuas want a small amount of grooming, but still don’t have to be compelled to be brushed over once every week. With their little jaws, it’s no surprise that a number of these dogs have dental issues, so you will additionally need to brush your dog’s teeth daily.

If you would like a dog that is small enough to tuck into your pocket but has the heart of a far larger dog, then a Chihuahua is also the proper dog for you.

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