10 Signs That Prove Your Cat Loves You More Than Anything

Does my cat love me if he lays on me?

Does my cat love me?

Even if your cat can’t speak to express itself, it always finds a way to make itself understood, either by a meow, a rub on your leg, or a little nudge. Through these gestures, he manages to get your attention, and over time you come to interpret a need for each of them. Your cat also uses certain actions to show you the affection he has for you.

Does my cat love me?

Just as there are specific behaviors through which a dog communicates love, there are unique ways our cats tell us “I love you.” The time has come to demystify this mysterious being.

Here is a list of 10 behaviors that your cat uses to show you his love for you.

1. He looks you straight in the eye

In dogs, this behavior can be interpreted as a sign of dominance or aggression when accompanied by specific body postures, but a cat standing close to you and staring straight into your eyes expresses great trust in you. When he blinks slightly, it means he is sending you a “cat kiss”.

2. He brings you a gift

Although the cat is a domestic animal, the fact remains that it is a small carnivore by nature with hunting instincts. Some cat owners shudder in horror when their cat brings home a mouse or other small rodent, but these gifts are only given to the people they love! Attention! Dogs aren’t as open to sharing their feast.

3. He shows you his belly

The cat will not show its belly to anyone, because it places itself in a vulnerable position. It is therefore a flagrant proof of trust and love towards you. He asks you for hugs. While this behavior in dogs is seen, according to experts, as a form of submission to its owner, contrary to popular thought, it does not seek cuddles from you.

4. He bends the tip of his tail

When your cat approaches you with its tail in the air and only the tip slightly bent, this is a sign of affection. Kittens use this method to show respect to their mothers, and as adults, they continue this practice with the people they love.

5. He massages you with his paws

When you pet your cat and he massages you with his front paws, it means he returns the affection you show him. This behavior reminds him of his mother when breastfeeding. The cat uses this method when it feels relaxed, happy, and loved. Experts call it “the milk dance”.

6. He gives you headbutts

Your cat uses the head butt to say “Hello” to you. By this action, he mixes his smell with yours. This way, your cat makes sure that everyone in his environment smells the same, which makes him feel more secure. It’s also a way to show you that he wants hugs, enjoy!

7. He bites you

If your cat bites you, it’s showing you tenderness. Cats use these “love bites” to each other as a sign of affection. Be tolerant, your cat does not know that these nibbles can be somewhat painful for humans.

8. He licks you

Cats are known to spend many hours grooming themselves by licking themselves. If your cat takes time to lick you, it means that it likes you and considers you an important member of its family.

9. He purrs

This is probably the cat’s best-known way of showing affection when you pet it. The vibration and sound emitted seem to come from a small motor inside their body. In other, rarer circumstances, purring can be a sign of discomfort.

10. It follows you everywhere

It’s not time to eat, and your cat is following you everywhere! When a cat feels good in your company, it will follow you from one room to another in the house, jumping on the sofa or on the counter to approach you without ever getting tired. A real little lap dog!

In conclusion, our cats use different methods to communicate their affection towards us. Don’t forget to return the favor, they are just waiting for your love in return.

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Written by Amma

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