The man who vowed to endlessly search for his missing dog joyfully reunites with him after four years


In the world of pets and their owners, the bond that forms can be incredibly strong and enduring. This story is a testament to that bond, a tale of hope, persistence, and the unbreakable connection between a man and his dog.

The Nightmare Begins

In 2016, Michael Joy experienced every dog owner’s worst fear. His three beloved dogs ran off, and while two returned, his 4-month-old Lab mix, Sam, was nowhere to be found. Despite searching every local shelter and following leads online, Sam remained missing.

The Search Continues

Michael’s determination never waned. Even after relocating to Kentucky, he continued to visit their former home in Georgia, hoping that Sam might still be there. Years passed, but Michael’s faith that Sam was alive and well never faltered.

A Call of Hope

Nearly five years later, a call from City Dogs Cleveland changed everything. They had found Sam, identified through his microchip. Michael’s disbelief quickly turned into excitement as he realized that his long-lost friend was finally within reach.

The Reunion

Michael’s journey to Ohio was filled with anticipation. The moment he and Sam were reunited was magical, filled with joy and excitement. Sam’s tail wagged nonstop, and Michael’s face lit up like a child at Christmas. The years had changed them both, but their connection was as strong as ever.


Michael and Sam’s story is a beautiful reminder of the love and loyalty that can exist between humans and their pets. It also highlights the importance of microchipping and the vital role that shelters play in reuniting lost pets with their families.

This tale is more than just a happy ending; it’s a lesson in never giving up hope, in believing in the bonds we form, and in the incredible ways that love can endure, no matter the distance or time apart.

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Written by Sammy

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