Things You Need To Know About Your Pet and Fireworks

When it comes to pets and fireworks, there’s one thing that every owner should be aware of: some pets are terrified by loud noises. Many people believe that any noise, from a barking dog to a clanging pot, can scare their pet. But the truth is that most pets have a natural aversion to sudden sounds and bright flashes, so they’re especially sensitive around this time of year. So before you plan your Fourth of July celebrations with all those fireworks for entertainment-consider how your pet will react before it’s too late!

Things you need to know about your animal and fireworks

1. The best way to ensure your pet is safe during fireworks

It’s important to have a pet emergency kit with you at all times so that if anything does happen, you are prepared. Also, the Fourth of July falls on Wednesday this year, so consider having your pet stay at a friend or family member’s house for the day. Alternatively, you could take precautions like putting them in a room where there is no view of the outside or keeping them away from any windows.

2. Tips to help you prepare for the Fourth of July with pets in mind

Talk with your vet about how to prepare your pets before the holiday festivities go into action. A good rule of thumb for any pet owner is to make sure they are vaccinated, including rabies shots, which are especially important if you live in an area where fireworks are common, like the Fourth of July. These shots can be administered by your vet, but make sure to do it at least two weeks before the holiday so your pet has time to recover. Another way to avoid any problems with your pet is to restrict their access to places that experience heavy foot traffic-like sidewalks or streets because the fireworks might scare them.

3. What happens if your pet becomes scared or injured during a firework show

Unfortunately, pets can become extremely frightened by loud noises and bright flashes of light which could lead to serious injury. In this event, make sure you have the number for an emergency vet, as well as a phone number for Animal Control, ready in case your pet gets hurt and you need to seek immediate assistance.

4. How to keep your pet calm before, during, and after the holiday festivities

You can start by playing soft music or turning up the volume on a TV show that they like to help them become used to loud noises. Putting a cover over their crate or creating a dark and calm room for them to stay in is also a good idea.

5. The best way to prevent pets from running away on Independence Day

Keep your pet indoors on the Fourth of July if there’s any chance they will try to run away, even if they’re normally allowed outside on their own or with a leash. This way, if they do try to escape, you’ll know where to find them.

6. How to transport your pet in case of an emergency

If you need to leave the area or even evacuate during a particularly loud firework show, it’s always best to have your pet in a carrier so that they don’t get injured and can travel safely with your family.

7. What should you do if your pet freaks out and gets you all worked up

First off, never punish the animal for acting in a way that they naturally would. This can be especially problematic with loud noises since not even dog trainers know exactly why dogs respond to them as they do. The best thing to do is stay calm and don’t show your pet that you’re upset! If they see you freaking out, then they’ll likely get even more worked up. One way to counter-act this is by using a behavior modification technique like Pavlov’s Dog which can help them associate loud noises with something positive so that they eventually lose the fear of them.

8. How to keep your pet calm on New Year’s Eve

First, make sure to tie up any loose objects or anything that could be dangerous if it fell over. Most pets are afraid of the noise associated with New Year’s Eve celebrations, so masking some of these sounds by playing light classical music might help them stay calm.

Pets can be a huge part of the family, which is why it’s important to take care of them on holidays that are typically loud and busy. Luckily for pet owners, there are plenty of things you can do to help your pets stay calm during these festivities.

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