Tips for Choosing the Right ‘Healthy’ Puppy

How do I know if my puppy is healthy to buy?

Tips for Choosing the Right ‘Healthy’ Puppy

Tips for Choosing the Right ‘Healthy’ Puppy

So you have decided to add a dog to your family. You have chosen a breed that matches your personality and lifestyle. You have decided on whether you should get a male dog or a female dog. You have also decided to go for a puppy rather than an adult dog. Now, what’s next?
Once you have decided on the kind of breed that you want, you need to find out as much as you can about it, specifically when it comes to health conditions as well as hereditary diseases that the type of breed may be susceptible to.
You can write a letter to the breed society for that particular breed and find out information on organized schemes and how to eliminate these problems. You may ask for a listing of participating breeders with certified free stock.

Check with agencies that put people in contact with legitimate breeders who have puppies. You can also research special directories that list the phone numbers of breeders.
Invest in dog magazines. Dog magazines provide plenty of resources such as listings of breeders. They also offer details of dog shows that can give you a good starting point for your search. Dog magazines are available from any newsdealer.

Consult your local veterinarian’s office and ask for suggestions and recommendations.
Visit some dog shows, both locally and out of town to expand your option. Try to get a vibe from the breed of your choice. Talk to the breeder and find out first hand about the type of behavior and personality of the breed. You may even want to check out other breeds while you’re there and explore other alternatives.

Try to steer clear of puppy dealers and pet shops.

In many cases, they usually get their puppies from a lot of different suppliers. Many of these suppliers are unlicensed breeders that keep too many female dogs in unsuitable environments. It’s very common for their puppies to travel long distances and often arrive in weak conditions.

Last but not least, don’t buy the first puppy that you find. Sure, most puppies are cute and cuddly. But by doing your research and following the guidelines listed above, you will have the right puppy for you who will become a member of your family. He will be with you to enjoy and to cherish for at least the next ten years.

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