Which dog coats are best?

How to choose a dog coat?

How to choose a dog coat?

No, it is not by the simple desire of coquetry of their owner that certain dogs never go out, in the winter, without a coat protecting their fur. The cold, but especially the humidity, constitute a real danger for the most fragile breeds. It is therefore important, from the start of the bad season, to buy them a coat which alone can prevent them from getting colds or colds during their daily walks. One solution is to buy a dog coat. However, it is necessary to take your dog’s measurements to buy the right size coat. So how do you find the best coat for your dog? Our tips for smart shopping will let you know how to choose a dog coat…

How to choose a dog coat?
How to choose a dog coat?

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  • 1 How to choose the right coat size
  • 2 Which fabric to choose for your dog’s coat?
  • 3 How to choose a dog coat? You are not exempt from…
  • 4 Which model of coat to choose?
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To choose the right coat size

To properly protect your dog from the cold and the rain, but also not to bother him during walks, you must choose a dog coat adapted to the size of your dog. These clothes are most often sold for small dogs and they come in waterproof coats, down jackets, etc. Our size guide will explain how to measure the length of your pet’s back to choose the right coat size.

At first, you may be wondering in which size to choose the coat for your four-legged friend. Nothing could be simpler: to find out, you just need to measure it from the base of the neck to the birth of the tail. You will get, within a few centimeters, the exact size of your dog in terms of clothing. Good to know: if your poodle or setter measures 43 centimeters and you are hesitating between a size 40 and a size 45, it is strongly recommended to take the larger one. It is better to opt for a coat that is slightly too big than to run the risk of buying one that is too narrow, which will risk constituting insufficient protection against bad weather.

The necessary measurements are the length of the back and the weight of the dog. Here are the steps to follow to properly measure your dog when buying a coat:

  1. Position your dog well on its paws and equip yourself with a meter.
  2. Measure the distance between the base of the dog’s neck and the base of the tail.
  3. Weigh the dog to find out its weight.
  4. Refer to the size chart according to the chosen coat.

Which fabric to choose for your dog’s coat?

In stores, you will find dog coats made of all kinds of materials: cotton, nylon, fleece, and even… faux fur! Prefer natural materials, which have the advantage of being antiperspirants. Also, not all dog breeds have the same protection needs. Some animals will be more sensitive to the cold, while others will mostly need a moisture barrier. For example, a coat lined with fleece will be perfect for a Chihuahua, a breed that could suffer from temperature drops, but a cocker spaniel, more resistant to climate variations, will be satisfied with a cotton coat as long as it protects it. against the rain.

The material of the dog coat will therefore impact the comfort of the animal. Depending on the season, you will have to change your coat. Indeed, some fabrics are more suitable for winter or rain and others for summer. In addition, a back fabric will make the dog coat more comfortable.

How to choose a dog coat? You are not exempt from…

Even if your bulldog or your setter is warmly wrapped up by you on each of your walks, do not neglect certain precautions that will protect him completely from a possible cold. In particular, remember to dry his paws, tail, and ears in wet weather, and to clean his pads with a little freshwater if it has snowed, salt can be irritating. Also, during the winter season, forgo grooming sessions. Even if your little companion’s coat is not enough to protect him against the cold, he still constitutes a natural barrier against bad weather and it would be unwise to deprive him of it! Finally, take care of your dog’s hygiene drying his coat well after each outing and washing it at least once a week.

Which model of coat to choose?

That said, nothing prevents you from having fun when choosing your dog’s coat! You will not be disappointed, because the trade leaves you spoiled for choice, between prints of all colors, fancy models adorned with ribbons or buttons… Show practicality all the same by opting for an easy-to-wear coat. put on your dog, equipped with press studs guaranteeing a solid closure. If you live in an area where the climate is particularly harsh in winter, you can also opt for a hooded model, or even for a down jacket offering protection for the stomach and legs. Now you know how to choose a dog coat!

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