Most Common Reasons Why Does Cats Lay On Your Chest

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Chest?

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Chest?


  • Your cat loves you
  • He seeks security
  • Cats love the heat
  • Your heartbeat soothes them
  • You are at the east
  • Your cat is trying to claim you
  • Don’t let your cat sleep on you for long periods.
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If you’re a cat parent, chances are you’ve seen your feline companion do some weird things. It bounces off walls, squeezes into the smallest boxes possible, and steals socks and other clothes, to name a few. But is it one of the weirdest, cutest things cats do? Lying and sleeping on their opponent’s chest.

Actually pretty common behavior in cats

This is actually pretty common behavior in cats, but falling asleep just to be woken up by your cat asset on your chest (or worse, on its head) is pretty weird all the same. So why do cats do this? Although there is no clear answer to this question because every cat is different, there are a few theories about why most cats like to sit and sleep on their master’s lap and chest. Here are a few.

Your cat loves you

Let’s start with the most obvious and widely accepted theory for why cats like to lie on top of their owners: love. Yes, your cat loves you just as much – if not more! — that you like and he shows it through various cute behaviors, like licking your hands, rubbing his head against your legs, kneading in your lap, and laying on your chest. By sitting and sleeping on your chest, your kitty is looking for a way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. In other words, it’s a sign to say I love you, human.

He seeks security

Your cat may have its bed or even its bed. Why do cats feel like lying on top of you? When your pet was a kitten, it slept on and around its mother for food and protection, and this type of behavior can continue into adulthood. Since many cats view their human owners as their guardians and protectors, they like to sleep close together and even on top of them for – you guessed it – protection. Sure, your feline friend may look beefy and strong when chasing siblings, cubs, or toys, but when it’s time to rest, he’s vulnerable and needs some kind of protection to feel safe. After all, cats in the wild are  Cats that are most vulnerable when they’re sleeping, so it makes sense that they’re close to someone they know and trust.

Cats love the heat

Have you ever noticed that your cat likes to enjoy the sunlight? Even if you live in an apartment, chances are you’ve seen your cat run to the window first thing in the morning to bathe in the warm rays of the sun. This is because cats like heat.

Even with a thick coat, they are known to seek out the warmest place possible to sleep, including near a fireplace, on a sunny windowsill, next to a heater, and on their master’s bed. Is it the best warm place to sleep, according to cats? Your chest or your knees. As you dissipate the heat, your chest provides a super comfortable, safe, and warm place to sleep that no kitten can refuse.

Your heartbeat soothes them

Another reason kittens like to sleep on and around their mum is that they can hear her heartbeat. Even if your cat is an adult, she may not have gotten past this comforting behavior: lying on your chest and hearing your heartbeat makes your kitten feel safe and calm like she’s sleeping on top of her mother (this which it is, in a way!).

You’ll be happy to know that the reverse is also true: research has shown that a cat’s purr has calming and therapeutic effects on human health. Having a purring cat can be considered a form of stress relief, which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke!

You are at the east

When you’re safe and warm, you’re also comfortable – at least for your cat! Especially if you’re wearing a nice thick sweater or comfy pajamas and lying in bed. You too would be looking for the most comfortable place to sleep if you slept 15 or more hours a day! More seriously, one of the possible reasons why your cat likes to sleep on your chest or belly is simply because it’s comfortable sleeping on top of you. You smell familiar, you’re warm, and it’s always better to take a nap in good company.

Your cat is trying to claim you

If you ask the question what does it mean when a cat lays down on you hoping for a positive and adorable response such that it means he adores you, you are left to be surprised. Some cats lie down on their master to appropriate it. It’s true, the more you let your cat sit on your chest, the more possessed you are! Come to think of it, that’s adorable.

Cats do the same with other objects

You may have seen cats do the same with other objects, like their bed, couch, or bed. cat toys Felines can approach you, your sofas, your beds, and even your clothes. It’s no wonder felines behave this way – they are very vulnerable. Territorial comfortable, after all. By lying down and sitting on objects (and people), cats cover them with their scent, which in a way claims them as their property.

Don’t let your cat sleep on you for long periods.

While adorable, your cat sleeping or just laying on your chest isn’t something you want for a long period. Here’s why.

  • You stay from getting your chest scratched: Anyone who’s ever watched a cat sleep knows that now and then it likes to stretch, which gets its claws out. Naturally, you don’t want your cat scratching your chest because on the one hand it’s painful and on the other hand being woken up every few minutes isn’t good for your sleep.
  • You’ll be woken up frequently: To continue on the previous downside, being woken up every few minutes or hours isn’t good for your health. Research shows that interrupted sleep is so bad that it’s worse than short sleep! And even if your cat is unusually calm and quiet while sleeping, cats generate a lot of heat when they sleep, which can feel incredibly warm within minutes and wake you up from your slumber.
  • You won’t be able to breathe deeply: When you sleep, you want to be able to breathe deeply and properly, but you won’t be able to do that with an adult cat lying on your chest. Of course, kittens can be okay for a while, but adult cats can quickly feel too heavy and constricting on your chest.
  • You still have allergies: In addition to being furry, our feline companions also have a lot of dander (dead skin cells) which can cause health issues such as allergies in some people. If you sleep with your cat so close to your coat, you will inhale hair and dander which, after reaching your lungs, can cause respiratory problems. It’s important to note that all cats have dander, even those that are brushed and bathed regularly (although these cats are said to have fewer dead skin cells and hair).
  • You can run over your cat: Finally, sleeping with your pet in the bed is also not a good idea for them, as you can easily turn over in your sleep and run over your poor kitten. Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll kill your cat this way (unless it’s a very young kitten), but you’ll still end up hurting it.

What if you own a cat that loves Cats to lie down and sleep on your chest because they equate it with comfort, security, and love? There is a compromise to be made: pet beds. Take a soft and comfortable bed. cat bed with a heating function if your kitten likes the heat and places it next to your bed. This way your pet will always feel safe, in the east and close to you, but it won’t interrupt your sleep. Of course, you can always let your kitten sleep on your chest for a short time, then transfer him to his bed or his favorite sleeping place!

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