American Wirehair Cat Breed Profile

American Wirehair Cat Breed – Facts and Traits

Story of American Wirehair Cat

In appearance, these pets most of all resemble the perfect cats from the picture. Internal qualities are not inferior to external ones. But the history of their origin is far from ideal – an accidental genetic deviation, which manifested itself spontaneously, almost died out in the bud, as the genus of American Wirehair began from two surviving kittens. From one litter.

american wirehair cat
American wirehair cat

In other words, the mutation manifested itself in one single offspring and was almost completely lost, and it was possible to breed all the pets of this breed known today only because two kittens survived. It happened in 1966. Subsequently, the offspring were crossed with American Shorthair cats in order to expand the breed’s gene pool and give characteristic features.

Description of American Wirehair Cat

This kind, affectionate, quick-witted cat with a classic body structure, harmoniously fits into almost any environment. It has a medium size, ears of medium length, and normal paws. The body is well-chested and muscular.

The American Wirehair cat is a wonderful companion for an owner of any age. If this is an elderly person, the cat will happily spend time on his lap and brighten up everyday loneliness. If this is a family with children, the cat will become the best friend for everyone, while not causing any inconvenience with negative character traits. The average life expectancy is about 16 years.

The personality of the American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair cat rarely causes problems, as it has a very gentle nature. This is a good-natured, loving creature, which is distinguished by great affection for its family and owner. Their intellect, combined with natural kindness, allows them to subtly feel the mood of the owner and relieve tension, including during family problems.

These cats are recommended for those who have no experience in keeping pets and cats in particular, since it is enough to give them a little attention, feed them on time and provide normal living conditions. The American Wirehair cat will not cause trouble with its whims, vindictiveness, or aggression – it simply does not have such qualities.

The American Wirehair cat breed requires attention, but will not terrorize you in its absence. These animals are active and playful, they are interested in spending time with both children and adults. At the same time, they can perfectly find a job for themselves. If you have a small child in your family, be sure to teach him how to behave properly with a cat, as this breed has innate patience, and will not immediately let you know if the games go too far.

But these cats treat strangers with caution, although without hostility. Curiosity and playfulness rarely find expression in pranks with a hint of wrecking – rather, your pet will want to play with a toy or climb a tree if you live in the private sector.

Common diseases in American Wirehair Cat

If you provide your cat with decent maintenance and high-quality, balanced nutrition, you will hardly have to remember about her health problems. They have strong immunity and good metabolism, there are no genetic diseases.

Care of American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair cat breed sheds, this is a minus. But – they practically do not need to be combed, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the coat, this is a plus. Otherwise, everything here is like all cats. You need to brush your teeth regularly – at least 3 times a week, clean your ears as needed (but at least 1 time per week), and trim your nails about 2-4 times a month. These cats need to be bathed infrequently with the right shampoo, as they have sensitive skin.

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