Dog Rescued Cat Abandoned In Plastic Bag

Dog Rescued Cat Abandoned In Plastic Bag

We all know that cats and dogs are natural enemies. These two cannot stand the sight. But when you have them as pets in the same house, they will get along quite well with some vested interests. Most of the time, cats and dogs raised in the same house don’t get the chance to have a happy and healthy relationship when it is outside, and stranger cats and dogs come across each other the results are not that promising. This was a story of the unlikely event when a dog rescued a cat in the scorching heat outside a shelter in Arizona.

The fateful day

On 27 Jun 2021, the temperature reached 107 degrees in Arizona. And the unsung local hero helped save a kitty from the plastic bag wrapped around the cooler in the scorching heat. A woman was taking her husky, and during the walk, the husky started behaving differently. The woman was alarmed because of the behaviour change. Husky pulled the woman toward a particular place where there was a zipped bag.

The zipped bag had a cooler, and in the beginning, the things were quite normal for the owner, but the husky, Koda, was adamant and was reluctant to leave the spot. The woman gave a tug to the husky, but it didn’t change its position. The bag was placed near the Fearless Kitty Rescue. The rescue house is present in Fountain Hills. The Arizonian local went closer, and it was found that there is a kitty inside, and it was alive inside the cooler. Dog rescued cat has been suffering intense heat who knows for how many hours.

The spokesperson of Fountain Kitty Rescue said that the weather was quite hot that day. Because of the scorching heat, it wasn’t easy to keep comfortable even in the shade. The cooler and shopping bag has not been an ideal place for the kitty. It is a miracle that the cat is alive. The rescue workers name the cat Juliane. No one can surely tell how many hours the poor soul has been trapped inside the cooler. But one thing is evident that if it wasn’t the Koda, things might have been quite drastic for Julaine. There were high chances of fatality if Koda hasn’t found her at the right time.

Lesson learned

Animals can communicate with you and tell you everything they are going through. You cannot do this to pets, animals, or any other living soul. The natural enemies for centuries are helping each other to stay happy and alive in this world. Why can’t we help these animals find a better home, a shelter, or a fine place if we cannot keep them with us because of any unexpected circumstance?

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Written by Sammy

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