Reasons why cats rule

Some people call them to mean, while some call them evil. There are various memes about them being the guardians of the door for the underworld. But still, these feline creatures are the most loved pets of all time. Canine pets are undoubtedly the best buddies who do everything to make you happy. But feline pets are the ones who rule you and your house, but still, you love to follow their instructions and do what they deem from you in everyday life. Cats rule your home, and some say that they rule the planet; here are some reasons why cats rule your house and make you their owned creature.

They are Quiet and Calm

The most loving factor of the fantastic pet is a quiet and calm attitude. Cats rule the industry because, unlike dogs, they love to stay calm and mostly keep quiet. You will only have to bear the meows in the heat and mating seasons or when they want you to follow their commands. Dog loves you and does everything to keep you happy. Cats rule because you love them and try to make them happy by doing everything they want.

Furry Paws and Cute Bellies

When the cats show you their belly, this is the sign that they trust you. And when a cat shows you belly, you can’t help scratching it and provide them with the love and affection you can never give to any other pet. The cute little paws will make you say aww, and you will love to play with them as long as the cat will allow you. The cats rule your home because of scintillating beauty and mesmerizing personality.

They are Independent

Dogs are needy, and they need more than food from you. You need to provide them with love, affection, time and daily exercises or long walks they will force you to spend more time with them otherwise you will have to suffer bad attitude. Cats rule the house as independent, not demanding, and don’t care about you. But when they need you, you will love to provide them with care, emotional support, and no exercises or tiring walks.


The conclusion is simple and straightforward. Cats rule because of their awesomeness and attractive features that will make you fall in love with them in the first few seconds. People love to keep them in their homes because cats make them feel accomplished. They are made to fill the emptiness and void inside you, and you will love their company in the most desolate times to get happy and alive once again.

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Written by Sammy

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