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Using positive reinforcement for

Dog training Tips
Dog training Tips

Are you looking for the best in high-quality dog training tips not found anywhere else online or in stores? Are you in need of dog training materials and aids that will help you train your dog in the fastest and most efficient way possible? Then you have come to the right place. Every day this website is stocked full of new and important articles that relate to dog training.


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Most valuable dog training tips

One of the most valuable dog training tips that I have learned to appreciate when it comes to dog training is to give positive reinforcement to my beloved dog when attempting any and all types of command or obedience training. Far too many dog trainers and obedience “gurus” have a tendency to offer dog training tips that result in a very negative way of teaching your dog commands and respect.

When it comes to dog training, you can give either positive or negative reinforcement when offering the reward and also punishment. If you learn anything in today’s dog article the article,e let it be this dog training tip: Punishment has very little value in training dogs and absolutely no value in the basic training of a new puppy or new dog.

The very best approach to using as a dog training tip is to only use positive reinforcement. This means giving praise when a command is obeyed. But what if your dog fails to obey and is not learning right away? The answer to that is very easy, and that is to simply withhold the praise.
You see, many dog training tips taught in books and in magazines fail to educate you on the fact that when you are training your dog like this, you are playing on its instinctive desire to be accepted as part of the pack.

The “pack” in this instance would be you and your family. To your dog, you are all a part of his pack and by following proper dog training tips and teaching your dog to please you as the leader of the pack, both you and your dog will have a much more fulfilling experience together.

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