How to deal with your aggressive dog

How do you discipline an aggressive dog?

How to deal with your aggressive dog

how to deal with your aggressive dog

Do you have an aggressive dog that is out of control? Has he established dominance over you and other members of your family? Is he reserved and aggressive toward strangers? You do not want to give him up. But how do you train your aggressive dog to be more friendly and obedient to you, your family, and strangers?

The most serious problem that can occur with an aggressive dog, even in the smallest of breeds, is that if they bite, it can cause serious harm. Other types of behaviors that an aggressive dog may demonstrate are growling, barking, baring of teeth, and snapping or lunging.
Aggression starts when the dog stands very still and square with an alert expression on his face and raised hackles (hackles are a ridge of hair that rises from the nape of the neck and trails off down the spine).

Aggressive behavior towards other dogs

It is common for a male dog that is not neutered to demonstrate aggressive behavior towards other dogs. You have to neuter your aggressive dog if you want him to have friendly interactions and socialize well with other dogs. It is ideal to neuter your aggressive dog before he reaches puberty.
Other reasons for aggressive behavior are nervousness and fear.

These often result from previous cruelty or neglect. These types of aggressive behaviors are very dangerous because they are mostly directed at people. If your aggressive dog has attacked or bitten anyone before, whether it’s a family member or a stranger, you must take care of the problem right away. Consult the problem with your vet. He may recommend you to the right animal behaviorist who specializes in this type of unhealthy behavior.

Training your puppy

Training your puppy correctly at an early age can prevent him from becoming an aggressive dog. You have to slowly establish yourself as the leader of the pack by handling him. Perform certain exercises, such as taking food away from him and returning it with praise. This will prevent him from being aggressive during mealtimes.

You can also do the same exercise with his favorite toy or bone.
You can also approach him while he’s sleeping, waking him up slowly so he can learn not to be upset when he is most vulnerable. Get him used to strangers and other dogs as soon as possible. Socializing your dog early on will make him feel more at ease with strangers in the future and less likely to be aggressive.

Finally, but certainly not least, you should never punish or reprimand your aggressive dog; this will only make the situation worse. Instead, be firm when saying “NO” with a disapproving and stern look.

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