How to teach your dog to “stay” when entering and leaving a doorway

How do you train a dog to stay in place?

How to teach your dog to “stay” when entering and leaving a doorway

How to teach your dog to “stay” when entering and leaving a doorway

In order for any kind of dog behavior training to be useful and successful, you need to mix it in with you and your dog’s everyday life. Using the sit-stay command when you get out of the door to your house or when you get out of the car is an example of dog behavior training exercises that should be practiced all the time.

This type of dog behavior training exercise is crucial in protecting your dog’s life to keep him from bolting anywhere dangerous. During dog behavior training, you should only participate in training your dog’s “stay” command when you can give him your full, undivided attention.


Enough dog behavior training

Also, with enough dog behavior training, your dog should be able to “stay” while you are getting out of the car after coming home, even though he is very excited. It is not necessary for him to sit at first, but if you think that will help, then go ahead and train him to do so.

Besides just training your dog to “stay” at the doorway of your house, you should also teach him to stay when you open the car door after you and the dog have been traveling. Again, this can be very dangerous if your pet were to bolt out of the car into traffic or something, so please pay all of your attention to the dog’s behavior training.

Give him the command to stay before you open the car door. If he leaps into the front seat and tramples you trying to get out, immediately close the door before he can escape. Get him back into the back seat and start over.

With this type of dog behavior training, you have to be stubborn. For example, when you are involved in training your dog to stay If he leaps out of the back door before you give him the “okay” command, put him back in the car and make him do a sit and stay with the car door open.
After you have reached successful dog behavior training for the “stay” command, you should be able to tell your dog to “stay” and then open any door in the house without him running through it.
To make this first training session easy, do it when your dog has just finished with his exercise and is tired. Put him on a leash and position him on a “sit and stay” just a few feet from the door. Open the door slowly. If your dog gets up, shut the door and put him back in the seat. Then start over. Make sure you have some treats ready to reward him when he gets this part of dog behavior training right.

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