What To Do If My Cat Goes Missing?

Why do Cats go Missing for Days at a Time?

Why Do Cats Disappear for Days At a Time?

Every year thousands of cats are lost. Unfortunately, most of them do not find their homes, much to the despair of their owners. Cats are known for their independence and strong predatory instincts, needs that sometimes lead them into very dangerous situations. Going in search of a cat can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, with a lot of patience and stubbornness, it is often possible to find your animal.

Why does a cat disappear?

It is not always obvious why a cat does not come home. Several causes can explain these disappearances.

What To Do If My Cat Goes Missing?

The quest for adventure

Cats are often described as independent beings. They crave freedom and enjoy doing what they want when they want. So they roam where curiosity leads them… and it sometimes leads them very far! They follow an animal, a smell, or surely many other things that humans do not know. This is how some are absent from their homes for several days or even a few months, then return quite naturally.


During the heat, that is to say, in the spring, unsterilized cats and cats go in search of a partner. Guided by their hormones, these felines can go very far, and crossroads, and fields, with one goal in mind: to find the ideal partner. All this, to the chagrin of their owner, who died of worry. To remedy this, there is only one solution: sterilization!


Cats were domesticated late and inherited many reflexes from their ancestors. For example, when a cat feels weak or sick, it goes into hiding to get away from a potential predator. It is also common to discover that a cat has hidden an illness when it seemed to be in perfect health. 

If your cat hides when it is not in his habits, it is possible that he is not well. An appointment with the veterinarian is essential! 

To avoid stress at the idea of ​​using all your savings on the health costs of your pet, a cat health insurance can relieve you. Carrefour Assurance offers different dog and cat insurance formulas to suit all budgets. 

The loss of orientation

Cats find their way with their incredible sense of smell. Like Petit Poucet, they leave marks to be able to find their bearings. Unfortunately, if a sudden noise or a frightening event occurs, then the animal runs away and can lose all its bearings.  

A blocage

Cats’ need to explore sometimes takes them to places they can’t escape. Locked in a garage, stuck up in a tree, stuck in a garden shed… many situations explain why some cats do not return to their homes. 

If your cat is missing, go around to your neighbors and ask them to take a good look at their garage or any other place your cat might be stuck in.



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