9 Best Ways to Keep The Cat Happy and Healthy

Cats do so much to make us happy and brighten our days. They put up with our erratic schedules, inconsistent training methods, misunderstandings, and clumsy attempts to interpret what they’re trying to tell us. They appear to understand that we adore them and are doing everything we can to ensure that they live happy and healthy lives.

What Are Some Healthy Ways to Pamper Your Cat?

  1. Make Sure Your Cat Eats Right and Stays Hydrated.

A healthy weight and a balanced diet are essential for your cat’s health. When selecting a food for your cat, make sure to select a high-quality formula and read the ingredients list. Dry and canned cat food with higher levels of animal protein is preferable.

Wild cats get the majority of their hydration from eating live prey, and they have a naturally low thirst drive. If domestic cats do not drink enough water, they are more likely to develop urinary problems. Canned foods are more hydrating and can have a significant impact on your cat’s health. Leaving extra water bowls out or purchasing a water fountain can encourage your cat to drink more frequently.


  1. Playtime is a Happy Cat’s Secret Ingredient

While cats appear to be aloof and self-sufficient, they still require entertainment and games to enrich their lives. Playing and exercising with your cat allows them to keep their muscle tone, use their brain, and form a stronger bond with you. Elevating your cat’s heart rate and keeping them active also aids in the burning of excess calories. All of these advantages add up to a recipe for longer life, less anxiety, and the prevention or reduction of dementia symptoms.


  1. Cats’ Best Friends are Toys

Cats are naturally curious creatures who are constantly on the lookout for something to play with. Have a variety of toys on hand, such as laser pointers, feather wands, and stuffed mice, so your cat can practice his or her pouncing skills. This is not only a great form of exercise, but it also allows them to exercise their natural hunting instincts.


  1. Construct a Cat-Friendly Litter Box

When was the last time you checked to see if your litter box setup is actually meeting your cat’s needs? Perhaps he’s outgrown the tiny box you bought for him when he was a kitten, or perhaps you need to add more litter boxes now that you have more cats in the house. The litter box is an important part of a cat’s life, and if it’s dirty, too small, inconveniently located, or puts him in danger of being ambushed by other cats, it’s time to fix it.


  1. Prepare your cat bathed or castrated

Having your cat changes their lives significantly. Guiding female cats reduce the occurrence of breast tumors and uterine infections. Sterilize male cats to prevent testicular cancer and reduce the possibility of prostate problems. Next, when your cat is repaired, they lost the drive to escape outside to marry. And male cats are much less likely to develop a destructive tendency of spraying.


  1. Get rid of potential poison

Protect your cat’s health while alerting about potential poisons. These include herbicides, rodenticides, medicines, and home plants. When it comes to these general household items, your cat is always safer when you keep them from the reach of PAW.


  1. Comb your cat regularly

Your cat might spend hours take care of themselves. This does not mean they will not appreciate your help by combing and caressing them too. Cats manage each other as a means of socializing and bonding and the most love when humans enter the fun. Regularly brushing your cat to reduce harbors, outline knots in long-haired cats, and make you aware of lumps, lumps, or dermatological problems that might arise.


  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Don’t overlook oral hygiene when thinking about your cat’s health. FELINE GREENIES dental treats help to freshen breath and clean your cat’s teeth, preventing bad breath from interfering with cuddles with your favorite feline.


  1. Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

Allowing a busy life to get in the way of spending quality time with your cat and developing companionship is not a good idea. If your schedule is jam-packed, try crossing items off your to-do list while accompanied by your cat. So they know you’re there, fold your laundry, or work in the same room. You can also squeeze in some snuggle time before bed as you wind down and watch TV or read a book.

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Written by Sammy

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