Border collie: Do you know everything about this intelligent breed of dog?

The border collie is a very active and energetic dog

There are those who say that the border collie is the most-, energetic, hard-working.  There is no doubt that border collie is a very special dog. The first thing to keep in mind about this dog is that we are dealing with a field breed, originally conceived for herding, so it may not be suitable as a dog to keep at home, especially if it is small and is in the city, due to its great need for activity. Even so, this is a fascinating breed of dog. Do you dare to discover it?

Although border collies are shepherds and were raised to work with sheep, they can take care of any type of herd and even the children of the family.

The ancestors of the border collie could be other types of collies, such as the bearded collie and the Scottish collie, although some historians believe that the Spaniel could have been involved in the mix at some point.

During the 19th century, border collies enjoyed considerable success among the English gentry. At present, although they are used to work with livestock and are also family pets. Because they are easy to train, they are also used as police dogs, for drug and bomb detection, search and rescue missions. They are also good guide dogs for the blind.


Border collies are medium-sized dogs.

Male compare 55 cm and weigh up to around 30 kg. Females are generally more modest and lighter.

Their appearance is suggestive of a lighter Australian Shepherd canine, rather than the trademark short tail of the Australian, Border Collies have a more drawn out tail that ranges down to the hawks. The head resembles that of a collie, and the body is somewhat more than it is tall. The ears are erect with the tips hanging, which gives them a merry and energetic appearance.

Some Border Collies have coarse hair around 8 cm long, while others have straight hair about 2.5 cm long. They come in different colors, such as black and white, red and white, black and gray, plain black, and tricolor. The longer-haired collie usually has a lush mane and tail.


A great worker with a deep look

We are facing a breed that, for a long time, was exclusively bred as a herding dog. When they are working, they are serious and very involved in their work, with a deep look that gives them great authority in front of the herd. With his great capacity for work, he can control large groups of sheep, which he directs, guides, or isolates depending on the needs set by the shepherd. In addition, when they are working, they maintain a crouched posture, a sign of their great concentration, with their tail tucked between their legs, and the fact is that the look is one of the traits, along with their intelligence. Mesmerizing, able to direct the sheep and keep them from moving so much so that, some consider that this ability to control the herd only with their eyes is another sign of their great intelligence.


Needs a lot of space

This breed needs space to have recreation and continuous challenges to face, and we cannot forget that we are faced with an energetic dog, who likes to spend time on the move, playing, discovering new places, following the track of other animals, and accompanying you on long walks.  For this reason, if you live in a rural environment or an area where dogs can run freely, it may be a good alternative. Do not forget that they need large doses of physical exercise and movement, but well trained, they are docile and obedient, especially if we socialize them very early.


Robust and agile

We are faced with muscular, athletic dogs, with enormous speed and endurance. In males, its body is about 55 centimeters high at the withers at most. Meanwhile, the females measure us 45 centimeters. The weight, which must be incorrect relation to the body, will be between 13 and 22 kilos. Its coat can be of two sizes, medium-long or short mane. And although the black and white variant is the best known, the color of a border collie dog’s coat is very diverse, and we can find reddish, bluish, tricolor brown, or tan markings on them. To maintain its beauty, it must be brushed frequently, to prevent uncomfortable knots from appearing.


The importance of training since childhood

Once you have decided to bet on this breed, aware of its differential characteristics, you have to take into account the importance of training since it is a puppy, to try to channel that excess energy that we have talked about. Therefore, from very early on, a series of rules and limits must be set so that it does not reproduce inappropriate behavior patterns, which can appear with the smallest of the house.


His relationship with the family

Although he is affectionate and close, which makes him a good playmate for older children – who can even use it very well to keep them active and moving – the truth is that he may not measure his excessive energy when it is with the little ones, which can generate a problem, so you have to be vigilant. If they don’t get their daily dose of activity, they can show temper issues. It is a matter of sheer necessity.


Eye problems

As we said, they are very robust dogs and little prone to diseases. However, there are typical diseases of the breed. One of them is hip dysplasia, defective development of the hip and femur joint that is very common in Border Collies. But these animals are sensitive to other problems, especially eye problems. Collie eye abnormality, narrow-angle glaucoma, or progressive retinal atrophy are the most common.


The smartest breed

It is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they often show their desire to learn. In 2009, the University of British Columbia conducted a study that claimed that the intelligence of dogs is similar to that of a two-year-old child. And among all the breeds observed, the border collie turned out to be the smartest. It can learn quickly and efficiently, attend to a greater number of words or commands, and communicate more accurately with its owner. Its intelligence makes it a breed that needs stimulation to avoid boredom, which, as we mentioned, can generate certain inappropriate behaviors. The good news is that they love to learn and need big walks every day, learn tricks, face mental challenges and spend a lot of time with you.


If you decide to have a border collie

You have to be clear that it is a challenge due to its characteristics and nature. You will need time to be with him and meet his needs for activity and encouragement. And it is that if we mix their intelligence and their need for activity, the daily dedication of their owners is essential for their correct physical and mental development. An exciting challenge, as it is a faithful, caring, and energetic fascinating dog.

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Written by Sammy

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