Cane Corso: A fearless protector with a golden heart

Meet Italy’s most prestigious property and the guardian of the Roman Empire.

Cane Corso quickly gained an honorable reputation in Italy for his frightening appearance and unwavering courage. These giants will happily jump into battle or curl up with you on the couch (they are incredibly versatile).

Despite their brave patrons, these dogs can be treated as divas. Their fur needs to be brushed daily, they require a lot of exercise and eat more food than anyone could ever imagine.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the scary yet nice Cane Corso fair.

What is a Cane Corso? (Overview)

The serious and huge Cane Corso is a purebred dog with deep Italian roots. These confident and fearless puppies have been used as weapons of war, farm helpers and are now called home-loving partners.

Despite their frightening appearance, Cane Corsos are very loyal to their families and have a very affectionate nature with people they love and trust. Their protective instinct can make them wary of strangers and other animals.

They are focused and have no desire to play. Instead, these dogs would much prefer to be trained to do the job. They are great at everything you are willing to teach them, so be creative.

Cane Corso’s original uses have been guarding property, protecting and herding cattle, and hunting big game. Corsos were also used as assistants to butchers and handlers. The Corsos independently guarded the yard areas and reported potential intruders.

Today, Cane Corso is suitable both as a working dog for different breeds and as a companion dog. It is a versatile dog for which you can boldly find a suitable species by experimenting. Corso also now has service dog rights, so it can compete in SME sports. It is usually a good nasal user, so a trace of a service dog breed with its various variations is a good fit for it. With Corso, you can do e.g. OBEDIENCE, agility, show activities, companion dog activities, and mushroom picking.

Pros and cons


  • Fiercely protects the family.
  • Easy to train because.
  • Very calm demeanor.
  • Few race-related health problems.
  • Excellent for a variety of positions.


  • Does not socialize well with other people or animals.
  • Needs a lot of exercise every day.
  • Prone to anxiety.
  • Needs a large yard and home.
  • Dig or chew if bored.

Nature and behavior

Corso is temperate and affectionate to its owner and loves his family. It is a very wise, independent, and stable dog. When needed, it becomes a bold and fearless protector of people, home, and property. The Corso is very fast and agile in size. It is a strong, dominant dog for whom human leadership must be clear.

It loves attention and care, but as a working dog, it also requires action. Corso monitors his territory non-stop and announces it when a threat arises. It is interested in everything around it. Corson has reservations or indifference to guests. It is pointless to expect great respect from people it does not know. Corso must still not be aggressive. It guards its territory, has a fairly strong defensive drive, and is not necessarily dog-social.

The most common thing about health

Cane Corso is a reasonably healthy dog, although research and statistics are limited in the world due to the small breed. The most common problems are related to bone and supporting tissues. Growth disturbances and ligament injuries are typical of a strong and fast-paced dog. Eyelid rot has been reported in eye diseases and the cherry eye is probably the most common eye problem. The breed belongs to PEVISA and breeding dogs must have official hip and elbow results, as well as an eye examination report.

Height and weight

These dogs are massive and typically weigh 90 to 120 pounds. They can be 20 to 28 inches high, which highlights their scary looks.

Race colors and coat

These dogs are typically either black or gray. Some sticks may be red or brown, but these colors are less common. If your puppy is red or fawn, they may have a black or gray mask on their face.

They can also inherit a bristle pattern, but most of these puppies are monochrome. The only variation in the colors of their fur is whether they have a light or dark shaded jacket.

These dogs have a short, straight, rough coat that is firmly against the skin. This allows them to move smoothly and easily without getting tangled in heavy fur.

Their jacket is also waterproof, so Cane Corsos are ready for any task assigned to them.

While they may not be soft and silky when you pamper them like other Dog Breeds, they do not require expensive trips to the groom.

6 fun facts about Cane Corso

  • The history of this breed dates back to the Roman Empire, where these dogs were valued as conquest dogs.
  • Cane Corso is Latin for bodyguard-dog.
  • After the Roman Empire collapsed, this breed was used for farming (grazing, but especially for guarding) and hunting wild boars.
  • As Italy began to fight economically and agriculture became more mechanized, the Cane Corso race almost became extinct and survived only due to the tireless efforts of the Society Amorati Cane Corso.
  • The original Cane Cors was even bigger than they are now.
  • Before 1988, Cane Corso dogs lived exclusively in Italy and were not found anywhere else in the world.

Cane Corso Personality and temperament

If you are looking for a playful puppy, Cane Corso is not a dog breed for you.

These dogs are very serious and hardworking animals that do not get entangled.

You will never see them as nonsense – they are constantly vigilant and ready to protect their families at all times. Any nonsense would distract them from their very important work.

If they have no purpose of any kind (guarding, dog sports, or helping/protecting livestock), they quickly get bored and become destructive. Their busy minds need to be kept occupied, or they’re digging massive holes in your backyard and tearing up your favorite shoes.

Because these dogs are so hardworking, they have a very cool, calm, and collected demeanor.

They are often called professional security guards because nothing steps them.

These dogs have a confident aura that will amaze everyone they encounter. Despite all the energy contained in their large bodies, they can keep themselves in control and act royal at all times.

Like a good watchdog, the Cane Corsos has a powerful and awesome bark. They don’t use a scary bark unless it’s necessary, but they make a lot of small sounds like snoring or howling.

While they are well focused on observing the people they love, these dogs also have a tender side with their family members. At the end of a long day, these dogs love to be loved by pets and their family members.

When their duty to protect is overnight, they become great babies who want to cuddle.

Their extreme love for families can lead them to develop separation anxiety. They can become very stressed when left alone and can chew or dig as a result. It is important to address this behavior from an early age to correct it.

These dogs are very loving with their families, but they struggle with warmth for strangers or other animals. Their strong instincts for protection make them believe that anyone outside the family is a threat and can act aggressively towards new entrants.

Early socialization is vital with this race.

Is the Cane Corso a good family dog?

The Cane Corso may be a good family dog, but they need a lot of socializing to get along well with young children.

If your puppy grows alongside your children, they are likely to form very close ties and are very protective.

Cane Corso treatment

Cane Corso is not a first-time owner. These lovable giants require more care than a typical breed because of their size, exercise requirements, and temperament. Experienced dog owners are much better placed to take responsibility for inviting one of these puppies to their home.

Fur care

Cane Corso has a short, easy-care coat. It requires washing only when it is dirty. A lot of undercoats may come off during the hair loss period if the dog has a strong undercoat.

What kind of person the race is suitable for

The breed is suitable for a person who wants a reasonably large and powerful dog and is willing to invest in custom breeding. It is suitable for the mobile person as the Corso is an active Molossian dog. The breed is suitable as a family dog ​​if it is possible to organize a sufficient program for it. Corso is not suitable for everyone, and basic knowledge of the general behavior of dogs and a good knowledge of dog gestures is desirable. It is suitable for a wide range of activities, but it may not be the toughest racing machine.

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