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What breed of cat is a tabby?

asian tabby cat
asian tabby cat

Story of Asian Cat breed

The Asian tabby cat is a rare breed that was bred in 1981 (it was in 1981 that the first kittens were born). These animals belong to the group of Asian cats, as they were obtained by crossing the Persian chinchilla and Burmese cat. Also, Burmese cats were crossed with Abyssinian cats, which increased the variety of shades.

asian tabby cat
Asian tabby cat

For a long nine years, the breed was in its infancy, and only in 1990 was it officially recognized in the UK as the “Asian Tabby”, although there is another, less official name – the Asian cat. The number of representatives of the breed today is very small, and the cost of one kitten can reach 900 or even 1000 dollars.

Description of Asian Cat breed

Kind, sweet, affectionate, very smart, and, moreover, a very beautiful pet – this is undoubtedly an Asian tabby. These cats are everyone’s best friend, including children. They perfectly feel their owners, are able to provide emotional assistance in difficult times, and perfectly adapt to various living conditions. They love attention but do not demand it with painful insistence.

The Asian tabby is a medium-sized cat with a round, voluminous chest, a long tail, and slightly longer than average paws. The ears are medium, slightly tilted forward, and the muzzle is of the correct wedge shape. Can have a wide variety of shades. In this regard, the only exception for which disqualification from the show is the piebald color, as well as the absence of a striped pattern (tabby) on the muzzle or body. Life expectancy up to 15 years.

The personality of the Asian Cat breed

The Asian tabby cat has a very kind and accommodating character, it is an ideal house cat for any family or a single owner. This breed goes well with contact and is distinguished by love for people and softness. On the other hand, they have hunting instincts, and if the cat lives in the private sector, it is highly likely that she will hunt rodents and even birds with pleasure.

High energy levels, great curiosity, and a love of various activities and games, including with people, require some attention to your pet. If you live, as we said above, in a private house, then it will be much easier for you, since on the street the cat will find a lot of entertainment and interesting things to do.

In an apartment, the animal is deprived of many opportunities, and therefore the owner needs to create them on his own. Although, this breed is very adaptable, and can live perfectly in an apartment even without walking. But! Make sure that your cat has a variety of toys, be sure to take the time to play with your pet, and it would also be a good idea to make a kind of corner with a house for the animal. It is possible on the balcony if it is glazed, but then in winter, the house must be insulated.

Keep in mind that cats of this breed like to climb and sit in high places, so they often prefer a closet over a sofa. Although, not a single cat can resist the opportunity to sleep on soft pillows – let’s be frank. The Asian tabby is very attached to his family and his beloved people and loves to spend time with them, and therefore leaving the animal with friends and going on vacation is not a good idea. This can be done only as a last resort, and it is best to take the cat with you.

The Asian tabby treats children very well, especially if the child knows how to behave with a cat and does not offend him. It can be said that cats of this breed are by default good to people if people do not give reasons for the opposite. The peaceful nature is confirmed by another circumstance – the Asian tabby is devoid of intersexual aggression, and territorial strife is reduced to almost zero. That is, they get along well with cats and dogs of any gender, but problems can sometimes arise with rodents and birds.

Common diseases in Asian Cat breed

Since the breed is new, and also because the number of individuals is extremely small, there is currently no reliable data on congenital diseases.

Care in Asian Cat breed

The Asian tabby cat breed has a short coat that does not need complex care. It is enough to brush your pet once a week, provide him with regular bathing at least once every few months, keep his ears and eyes clean, and cut his claws once every 10 days. Usually, cats of this breed are not very picky in food, however, you need to provide the right and high-quality diet, which will not only improve the quality of life of the animal but also prolong it. By the way – remember to brush your teeth 3 times a week.

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