Australian smoky

Australian smoky, Story, Description

Story of Australian smoky

The Australian Mist or Australian Mist is a relatively new breed of cat that has been officially recognized since 1998. The history of the breed begins from the moment when it occurred to several Australian breeders to create their own, so to speak, national Australian breed, which could participate in exhibitions and represent the country. For this purpose, Australian domestic cats, Burmese and Abyssinian were used for crossing.

Australian smoky
Australian smoky

The result is a beautiful cat with a friendly disposition, flexible, sharp intelligence, and a natural color available in several variations. The Australian Smokey breed is recognized by the United Cat Organization and the World Cat Federation.

Description of Australian smoky

The Australian Smoky breed perfectly combines all the characteristic external features of domestic cats with natural color and the best internal qualities of these animals. Their excellent health, hunting instincts, and affectionate attitude towards people make the Australian an excellent choice for both single owners and families with children.

These cats are medium in size with a lean, muscular build and medium-sized ears. The limbs are slender and somewhat elongated, and the muzzle is wedge-shaped. The Australian mist lives an average of 15 years but can keep its owners happy longer thanks to good health and good care.

The personality of Australian smoky

These are very kind and smart cats. Perhaps their friendliness to others is a genetic personality trait inherited from their ancestors – domestic cats that have grown and developed side by side with people for centuries. Unlike many other breeds, the Australian smoky cat is friendly to everyone and does not show fear or distrust, however, she gives true love and affection to her family and owner.

Australian cats are good with children, even small ones, provided they are not abused or neglected, or made uncomfortable. However, even in this case, the cat will simply leave – it is extremely unlikely that she would react aggressively.

Australians can be taught to a leash, they are generally distinguished by intelligence and understanding, and they rarely go against the owner for self-affirmation. Not capricious, adapt well to changing environments. Playful and active. If you decide to get another pet, this will not be a problem – the Australian Mist is good with other pets, although, in the case of birds or rodents, problems may arise. After all, these are, nevertheless, the descendants of domestic cats with a rich pedigree, and their instincts for hunting have been preserved.

Common diseases in Australian smoky

This cat breed is not prone to any special diseases, including genetic ones. In general, the Australian Mist is known for its good health, although it is an artificially bred breed.

Australian smoky, Care

The breed belongs to the short-haired, and there will be no particular difficulties with care. You just need to brush your pet regularly, once every one to two weeks. Also, it is necessary to brush your teeth at least 3 times a week to prevent the development of diseases in the teeth and gums. Clean your ears as needed.

You can rarely bathe a pet, however, it often depends on the surrounding conditions – if you have free access to the street (for example, when living in a private house), this has to be done more often. Nails are usually trimmed on average once every 10 days or as needed. It is important to provide your pet with good living conditions and a complete, healthy diet so that he can maintain his activity and longevity.

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